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Polly: when her whiskers were still white and all her teeth intact. She wears that, Did you notice me here ā€“ wanting a walk? look.

I thought I’d run a little survey to see if anyone notices Polly and me here. Is my blog visited by anyone besides my mother and a handful of benevolent spirits?

I don’t do ‘stats’ so I can’t tell who’s sneaked in or out, but I wonder if you’d be kind enough to leave something, even a simple exclamation mark, in the comment box, if you come by. And I’ll decide whether to go on wearing this hopeful face, or if I should sniff out something more productive to do.

Thank you!

19 Responses to “Well?”

  • Di Says:

    Haven’t been by for a while, but I do tend to be a binge reader of blogs; like going on a long walk through someone’s timeline. So although I haven’t left any footprints for you to see, I’ve stuck a note to say thanks for the writing, and I’ll see you again soon.

  • Pen Says:

    Hi Joan and Grace; nice to have you calling by.

  • Grace Dalley Says:

    Hi Penelope! šŸ™‚

  • Joan Says:

    I strayed here ..maybe on my halting journey to Ithaca.. and enjoyed my little lingering..
    I probably would not have left any trace except you left the invitation. So worry not whether shifty spirits are wafting in and out without trace. You have been noticed.

  • Pen Says:

    Thanks, Susie. She’s no pup no more. 13. But she doesn’t know it. šŸ˜‰

  • Pen Says:

    Hey, great to hear from you, Eion ā€” and to check out your portfolio. (You look as fit as a flea in those portraits.) Instant nostalgia! Can Serrat, definitely a heart-place of mine. You still dancing between journalism and art? Watch this space and you’ll see soon what Dorothee and I are cooking up.

  • Eoin Says:

    Hey Pen,
    I still try and drop by when I can. Need as much antipodean wisdom as I can get these days. Keep up the work – it’s not as difficult as a smoker trying to keep pace with you on a mountain! Love. E

  • Susie Says:

    Polly is a sweet wee pup.

  • Pen Says:

    One can, Pam, as long as one takes heart for one’s own lovely Cadences. And Marilynn, thank you for calling by. We are not at all (our own best judges).:)

  • Marylinn Kelly Says:

    Penelope, Your comment at Dishwasher’s Tears led me here and I urge you to maintain your hopeful face. Productive is not always identifiable in the moment, nor are we necessarily our own best judges.

  • Pam Morrison Says:

    !!! xxx Can one who has so gone quiet beg another to stay. But I do I do. I would be sad if your blogndog disappeared from this place. I enjoy your platter always, and leave refreshed and stimulated.

  • Pen Says:

    Seven! That’s a party. Thanks, Claire for the elegant hieroglyphics; thanks, Catherine, Christine, Jackie, Kay and Rebecca for coming by and saying so. Well, mild narcissism works a treat ā€” doesn’t it, Polly?

  • Rebecca Loudon Says:

    I followed you here from the Dishwasher’s blog.

  • Kay Says:

    Please stay – I beg of you, like Polly. šŸ™‚

  • Jackie B Says:

    I’m a regular, too. XX

  • Christine Says:

    Hi Penelope, you know your blog is on my reading list! šŸ™‚

  • Catherine Says:

    I followed a link, which led me to another link, which led me to you – and you have been in my google reader for a while (it may have been Claire, or it may have been Kay, who led me to you)

  • Claire Beynon - Icelines Says:

    PS. I left a sign ‘ ‘ – a picture prompt but your comments box was hungry and gobbled it up.

  • Claire Beynon - Icelines Says:

    May this small sign be…

    an eye, an aye, an I and an ai.

    May it also be

    a fish, a fish’s mouth, a cross-section of a vertebra or zebra’s tail, a pair of ears leaning against the dark, two hands cupping a dynamic space. An entry to a quiet room.

    I’m one of your regulars, a ‘benevolent spirit’, I know… but, please, do stay.

    L, C x

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