The vitamin hunt

It’s said that none of us here in the south is getting enough vitamin D for optimum health. You have to spend almost two hours in the wintry sun to garner the daily dose. That’s with skin exposed and, presumably, without Chilean ash cloud subduing the sun’s rays. Thinking to take a good half dose today we set off for the beach. But …

… cloud was rolling up the harbour and out to sea.

So we went UP, instead. We drove into the fog and out the other side. We found a gravel road running south-north, with the sun upon it. We parked the car and walked.

What there was on the road/side:

dead pig x 3 or 4
a perfectly good portion of dashboard and a screwdriver, a little scuffed
a man with a headache

I took the last two home with me.

Polly goes without saying.


4 responses to “The vitamin hunt”

  1. It was odd, Isabel, but I guess there are quite a few wild pigs in the pine forest. It was dismaying to see them half-butchered at the roadside.
    Ironic sun-deficiency in your part of the world!
    I took both today — Vit D and cod liver oil. In lieu of sun.

  2. Hey Pen – Just Love the jottings and drawings and the thoughts / impressions/ witticisms / observations that go with them.

  3. odd! a possum I would have expected …

    here in exile land where it is dangerously hot to go out in the sun, and the local women are completely wrapped up, there is a widespread Vitamin D problem. Something like 85% of female students are deficient, which has implications for bone health as well as other issues.
    I take codliver oil capsules which seem to do the trick.

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