How to put your dog to bed in winter

Find a nice big roll of polar fleece.

Ask them to snip you off a small piece. Take it home and measure your dog from stem to stern. Cut your coat according to your cur.

Cut four holes, two quite big and two very small. Sew on two buttons. Cotton calligraphy is optional. Call your dog. Button the coat into place. Alternatively, you can do up the buttons first, then pull it on like a jersey.

I forgot to draw the yellow button just behind the front leg

Let the dog out one last time while you clean your teeth.

Tell her to go to bed.

                                                                                  Tell her she’s a good girl.

You may now safely turn off the heater and go to bed yourself.

2 responses to “How to put your dog to bed in winter”

  1. Excellent idea, NZBookgirl, and fetching, no doubt. But do you have to edge the leg-holes to keep them from unravelling? The joy of polar fleece is that no sewing is required, besides the buttons.

  2. My dog is so little that I’ve made coats for her from my dad’s old fine knit woollen jumper. I cut the sleeve off about dog length, a couple of snips where the front legs go through. The back end on a bit of an angle so it covers the back but the dog can still pee. Fold the cuff back for a nice polo neck jumper, or trim to fit.

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