2011: words failed me, but the cutlery was staunch.

3 responses to “2011: words failed me, but the cutlery was staunch.”

  1. Encore?
    Fack-batcher, scrern fond, froney-hipper, dan,
    Fine wass, glottle bush, bris is there whe weban?
    Gasp, rork, fatula, spammer, hails and nan,
    Peedle, nisk, whuttleshock . . .

    Thank you for looking and naming, Marylinn. xx

  2. Back-scratcher, fern frond, honey dipper, fan.
    Wine glass, bottle brush, is this where we began?
    Rasp, fork, spatula, hammer, nails and pen.
    Needle, whisk, shuttlecock, let’s say them all again. xo

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