I’m Penelope Todd from the bijou city of Dunedin in the south of Aotearoa New Zealand. Most of my books are novels: the YA Watermark trilogy with three shortlistings, Box (White Raven Award), Peri, Island, Amigas (co-written with Elena Bossi, in Spanish and English); plus the much-loved memoir Digging for Spain: a Writer’s Journey — you can see them all at Books.

Nell is on her way: the fictional re-imagining of my paternal grandmother’s life is to be published in April 2024 by Cloud Ink Press.

For a decade I published gorgeous original writing in ebook form at Rosa Mira Books.

These days I edit freelance, often books in translation for marvellous Gecko Press, do some literary assessment, keep an eye out for the older women in my life, the garden and the fabulous grandsons, and keep alive the quest for inner space, peace, reality and kindness.

Portrait by Alexandra Huber