Getting started

Creeping forward …

the organic way
... the organic way.

Okay, here we go again. I see I have one comment (yippee! and thank you). I just haven’t figured out how to respond to it yet, except here. This tidal J, seen at Purukanui Beach in the Catlins, reminds me that interesting things happen, inch by inch, shell by shell, if we simply do what we do, and follow the groove at our feet…

I’m groping for the groove that’ll lead to the explanation of how to enlarge the tiny box I’m writing in. Until then…

Getting started

Penelope checks out blogland

It feels pretty much like this.

What’s down here? Plenty of fellow bloggers, screenfuls of instructions, a whole new html language, and glimmers and flashes of … what the? … I’ll let you know if I catch one.

My new blogsite name will hint at what I’m about, but I have to figure out a nifty way to put it on screen, so bear with me. Meanwhile, I’m a bit nervous; something just brushed past my ear, and I’m running out of breath. Call back in a day or so, won’t you?