It’s not often that a person loses her health, her faith, her home, her
job, most of her friends all in one fell swoop. So when that person picks herself back up and meticulously pieces together her own life — sifting, sorting, reclaiming and building from the ground up, then finds her voice and reconstructs her story with the same objectivity and care — you can be sure she has something immensely valuable to say.

In Rushleigh — The Wasteland Chronicle, Leigh offers hard-earned insight to
anyone who’s struggling with any aspect of their lives. (Okay, there’s
something for everyone.) From basic survival skills in the aftermath of
trauma, to finding the professional help you need, from coping with
panic and sorting through unhelpful or dangerous beliefs, to getting
your finances in order, Leigh offers her writings as a rock-steady
companion for the journey back to Life.

Leigh writes:

This site contains thoughts and suggestions to do with managing crisis
and trauma, along with my own spiritual reassessment. It includes
extensive comment about the pitfalls of New Age thinking and the
painful process I went through extracting myself from it.

Although I didn’t see it at the time, the hammer blows of fate that
shattered the old way were necessary. I now feel more true to myself
than I was before. New wellsprings do rise up — if we let them. Life
does eventually fill the empty spaces.

Nonetheless, that exceedingly difficult time was made more so by the
paucity of useful information and the gross unhelpfulness of people
whose work it was to help. Although I have been difficult to help,
much of what I needed, and didn’t get, was at a very basic level.
Having said that, there has been a small number of professionals from
whom I have had valuable attention. These and the generous friendship
of close family and friends have got me through.

Isolation is a big issue at a time of crisis, as it is when living with
enduring illness and disability. Researching this set of writings has
brought me a much expanded awareness, not only of factual information,
but also of the stories of others going through similar experiences.
I’m not as alone as I had thought.

I wish you all a safe passage.