Small wonders

In the mail today:

Next week I will shuck off my slippers and therapeutic neckscarf, and scratch about for something that will pass as ‘business attire’, catch a plane to Wellington airport, and thence be professionally driven to the BNZ Literary Awards, where I will add my voice in praise of NZ writing, especially that of some very talented teens.

It’s an odd thing to contemplate from the quiet fastness of this Dunedin living room where I work.

Polly wrote on the footpath this morning.

How’s that for a neat dog?

Then I happened upon Helen Lehndorf’s tantalising Pinterest page, where I spent a few minutes gleaning ‘sartorial inspiration’. I was rather taken with the ‘naughty dog‘ brooch, and created my own, dangling into it Polly’s favourite scoffings.

In case you can’t decipher them: tissue, Whiska, crust, apple core.