Autumn losses

We live in the midst of death, and many life-forms die because we live. Think of all we consume, and of the lives we interrupt inadvertently — on country roads, with the cleaning rag, underfoot.

Yesterday I heard a terrific thud and, heart pounding, looked out into the vege garden. Two thrushes among the spinach: twinned in flight, together they’d struck glass. Stunned, beak to beak, first the larger one died, then the smaller.

death in the spinach

When we built our deck, I was the one who insisted on glass, for the view. Seen from the garden yesterday, in the morning light it mirrored a vista of blue and gold, distant trees, a clear, enticing sky.

Mea culpa.

The warm bodies were heavy in my hands.

The cooled bodies on a rhubarb leaf were light — mere bone and feathers.

You and I go on living — at least for now.

One response to “Autumn losses”

  1. Oh … I know the feeling … and have often thought the same thing about repercussions of every decision and choice we make. But it could drive one a mite crazy to dwell on such for too long – paralysis would set in. At least the two thrushes didn’t die unregarded.