Biddy’s deaf now. She can’t hear the cracked tones with which she asks for her dinner. Or the caught-a-mouse yowl that’s replaced her former mild enquiries. From being stand-offish and remote, she’s moved in close. Where I am, there Biddy wants to be. What could be nicer than a sunny table top with a lumpy pencil case?

11 responses to “Biddy”

  1. Fading pets, ageing parents: the whisper of time. Our dog, who lives in Melbourne, is blind, deaf in one ear (after surgery) and arthritic – but she still knows how to wag that old tail.

  2. Don’t they just (have the courage to live by their urges — cats). And yes, I’d like to lie in every patch of perfect spring sunshine, too.

  3. Kay, Biddy would be a sniffer too, if she could hear herself. She’d be mortified. It’s quite funny (but we try not to laugh out loud).

  4. So, to the original question, Pam, about pokey angular things. Um, we could start trying it out now — cosy sofa evenings with mystery utensils buried in the cushions — which we won’t notice thanks to the balm etc . . .:-)

  5. Our cat Grommet (the one that doesn’t look like Biddy …) is also deaf-ish and does that I-just-caught-a-bird-mouse yowl too, for, “Where is everyone?” Aggie – the one that looks like Biddy – thinks he’s gone crazy & sniffs correspondingly in a very dismissive fashion.

  6. Whoops – the above comment is from Pam. For some reason your blog keeps opening in John’s account / address. I’ll keep working on it! Pamx

  7. Will we be able to lie easy on pokey angular things when we get old? Perhaps the balm of your presence plus sun neutralises all other discomforts. (I like your to do list.) pax