Busy as bees…

…but as purposeful?

Do you sometimes wonder, after a day of buzzing hither and yon on the internet, if you still have what it takes for solid reflection, retreat, and rich, slow creative endeavour? Here’s a prod for contemplation: an essay Driven to Distraction: Cate Kennedy on the internet and the writing life — in the Australian political and cultural magazine Overland.

And if, after that, you still want delightful distraction, check out Rata Weekly’s latest offerings: why movies are bad for girls; how to pop your baby on an elephant; the world’s scariest jobs.

(To tell the truth, most of these are drones: kicking back but looking busy. It’s an art.)

8 responses to “Busy as bees…”

  1. I’m glad, Claire, only I’m not sure we can take this one any further. 20 dead drones and the queen will stay home and lay eggs for the rest of her life. She’s quite shy.

  2. It? Them? I’m now told she mates with 20-odd, all aerial. I suppose she drops them. “It’s raining p*****s, halleluiah.”?

  3. Lucky? Unlucky? It’s once in a lifetime thing, Pam. The queen rips off his vital organ after the deed. But the progeny!

  4. Is it not the drone that mates with the queen bee? Murky buzz today, but there’s Something Splendid up ahead… well, for one lucky guy at least. Px

  5. Yes, I agree, Grace. We want and choose to believe that both are possible: enriching connection online, and quiet, enriching mindfulness elsewhere. (I’m closing the lid now.)

  6. Thanks for the plug, Penelope 🙂

    I think the answer to your question about the influence of the internet on our ability to think and reflect is, “It depends…” I’m as guilty as anybody of sometimes meandering aimlessly online, but the views and information I’ve found on the internet have expanded my intellectual and inner life enormously. And the connections I’ve made with others, both people I knew already and people I didn’t, they’re been enriching, too.

    I think the key is that the internet is interactive. It’s what we make it, and what we make of it.

    Having said that, I’m trying to be more disciplined about switching the computer off and reading my book. 🙂