Coming on the 3rd of May

Back cover blurb:

‘An island in a bleak harbour; an isolated quarantine station where a group of nurses works tirelessly to care for sailors and immigrants recovering from the effects of the long sea voyage to the new land.

Kahu swims ashore, searching for a woman. Young nurse Liesel, caught in a passionate triangle, is faced with choices both harrowing and intoxicating. Martha, who oversees the hospital and guides the community, is making a kind of experiment with life.

Some on the island are too sick to live. Others flame with life. The island is cradle and crucible.

Penelope Todd’s first novel for adults is full of brilliantly drawn characters and a narrative which sweeps the reader along with its power. This is literary fiction of the highest quality, and an intensely romantic page-turner.’

10 responses to “Coming on the 3rd of May”

  1. Isn’t the internet fantastic? And how observant of you, Jill, to spot Jason’s photo. I must say the original is really impressive. I’ll make contact with him, too, and ask my publisher if they’ll send him a copy of the book. I hope you enjoy it — UBS are the chief stockists in Dunedin. Do say hello if you’re ever aware of our paths crossing! Thanks for writing to me and to Jason.

  2. Hi Penelope, you don’t know me (though I do come from Dunedin) -thought you might like to read a bit of the story behind the cover image of your wonderful book – look here…..
    Jason the photographer is a flickr friend of mine.
    Good luck with the book….I’m getting a copy soon (both for the story and the cover 🙂 )


  3. Oh , I’m so looking forward to reading this Penelope. I was entranced my your memoir. Can’t wait.

  4. Not long till we’ll be holding a copy of “Island” in our hands, Pen. 52 days… Congrats!

    (And how timely that you should be heading out to Quarantine Island – Martha’s, Kahu’s, Leisel’s and yours – just two weekends from now.).

    The cover becomes more dramatic every time I see it. xx