Distracting myself.

I had to practise a bit to make a budgie that didn’t look like a sparrow or an Easter chick.

If nothing else, I think this one has the cheeky eye.

Noddy used to strut around the dinner table. While we children behaved ourselves and ate quietly, he shrieked and scraped butter straight off the serving dish.

Or he slid down and hung from our hair, to intercept.

Almost 28 years ago we brought our first baby home. Today the last baby is packing his bag to head north. We’ve always had one here with us. How strange the house will feel tonight.

6 responses to “Distracting myself.”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Aimee. I’ve heard he writes a good story. I have a cat who’s gone deaf so she can’t hear her own awful yowling. Mostly she’s quiet though. Right now she’s draped in front of the fire. Enjoy your reading and take care of yourself.

  2. Thank you for replying to my post I really appreciate it. And yes I have found a book that I have recently read it is called Private Peaceful and it’s by Micheal Morpurgo another great author like yourself and I recommend it to you. I have a cat and she’s cheeky just like your bird! Anyway have a nice time in the empty house. 🙂

  3. Hi Aimee, Thanks for writing to me. It’s such a long time since I wrote or thought about Three’s a Crowd. I guess you won’t be happy with my answer but I can’t quite recall what happened between them, and I’m not sure that it matters what it was exactly. The reader brings her imagination to the story (which is fiction, after all), and if you can’t imagine anything worse than B showing A the baby rabbits, then that’s great. If you can, then it was probably something like that. I don’t think he hurt Poly but left her with an image that might have stuck for a while. I think we all come across things that shock us and spoil our innocent view of the world, but they’re part of growing up and enlarging our capacity for life. I hope you’ve got another good book on the go.

  4. I know this is completely irrelevant to your posts, but I have to ask (if you don’t mind) what happened between Polly and Barry in your amazing novel ‘three’s a crowd’because the question is eating me alive!!!

  5. Hi Melissa. Actually, we’re rather a quiet household, so I dare say going off to find a bit more noise and laughter is a good move for J. Indeed, we’ll have to find ways to kick up a rumpus (that’s a funny old phrase) ourselves. I do recall those first days of school, which each of the three embraced, or failed or refused to embrace, each so differently.

  6. Wonderful story about your budgie, Pen. It must be a terrible adjustment to make, an empty house after it’s being filled with noise and laughter for so long. Remember how you felt when the first one went off to the first day of school? You must have cried. Waving the last one off must have felt a bit like that. But you’ve launched your chicks, Pen, and did a fine job of it. I hope the melancholy will soften soon, and you’ll be able to spread your own wings a little more in the echoing house. xo