Domestic mandala

5 responses to “Domestic mandala”

  1. Thanks again, M. I tried to speak to you and the others on Cadence, but still have my comments there whisked into the ether before they can stick.. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my utensils. x

  2. Thanks, Sophie and Claire. Yes, C, each item is a little performing star in its own right, although some probably feel under-utilised on the kitchen stage. (I mean, what is that little round thing (sshh) — a melon baller?) And, S, I’ll press it flat and put it aside for when you come down.

  3. Ah, Pen – a celebration of the beauty and sacredness of everyday things. . . You have drawn a constellation, a cluster of glittering utensils; I will go to sleep inspired and with renewed appreciation. xo