Three occur to me, from this week: the new washing machine with our taps and plug (R.I.P. the trusty friend that washed perhaps 5,000 loads in her 19 years); myself with a ball of wool and the 6.5s (Knitting for Africa); and the one that’s fully engaging heart and mind … momentously, wonderfully, marking a new era in parenthood, daughterhood, and inlawfulness:

Sophie and Ryan!
Sophie and Ryan!

4 responses to “Engagements”

  1. Well, bless your eyes, Claire. I like a humsquito. Thanks, C and Kay. It feels good to be knitted into the great web of women when the ground shifts underneath and the next phase is ushered in…

  2. A whole new arrival indeed, Pen – what a gorgeous pic of S & R.

    Have you noticed how your knitting – resting as it is on your old washing machine – takes on the shape of a humming bird-cross-mosquito with bead (or proboscis) out?! (Blame this on my aging eyes, scrunched up in an effort to ‘read’ the image, without my glasses in the half-dark).

    I’m very happy to see that you’re still out there in The Intertidal Zone – L, C