(grand) Mothers’ Day

I was moved when my mother wrote after reading Island that a couple of the characters reminded her strongly of my two grandmothers — strong, practical, optimistic (especially after a little time alone with their feelings). And Liesel too could have been Granny Grace carrying on until the tasks were all done during the 1918 influenza epidemic (at Christchurch Hospital where she also met my grandfather recovering from injuries sustained in the Somme).

I’d had neither in mind while writing but accept that it’s likely they would find expression through me. The photo is of ‘Bunny’, my father’s mother, Ellen Preston, in command of the coal range at their station Glen Shee in the Maniototo, probably in the 1930s or 40s.

2 responses to “(grand) Mothers’ Day”

  1. Yes, they must have been strong, mustn’t they? And although we no longer toil over coppers and hand-baking of bread etc, we’re still wired to go after new challenges. Blame those grannies.:)

  2. I loved reading about your strong grandmothers – we all have strong grandmothers here in NZ – that pioneering gene was so strong!
    I am looking forward to reading ‘Island’ – a treat in store for sure.