Ha! More fun than writing.

6 responses to “Ha! More fun than writing.”

  1. What on earth has your thumb failed at? Nothing in my infallible estimation!

  2. Hi Prue —- nice to see you here and am flattered to think you think I have a style! The lack of expertise is oddly freeing.

  3. Oh, this is cute! A reply box with my name already on it! I like your drawing style, Penelope.

  4. I hope you did (go and draw). Yes, I had a sudden compelling need to PLAY with the pen — my handwriting’s gone to the dogs anyway. Snake just slithered in without explanation.

  5. But what is the snake’s story? Or is it just there for window dressing? You make me want to go and draw, which had been on the list earlier and lost its place to a nap.