No rhyme or reason

8 responses to “No rhyme or reason”

  1. Yes, M, I sometimes ponder (briefly shallowly) whether and how we attract the objects and people around us at any given moment. These objects have been taken out of my head and cupboards and even off walls.

  2. Why your smile-producing illustration makes me think of satellites, the planet kind, taking a rest from circling their sun, I can’t quite say. The connection between us and our objects, which do surround us though usually without revolving…I so enjoy your drawings. xo

  3. I felt a bit concerned after I drew this that it might be telling an accurate story — everything spread out in still life, nothing more or less important than anything else, connected only by the fact of their being on the table. . .

  4. Looks like my table top. No matter how hard I try, I can never fully clear it of its crumbs and litter. Tables do tell us things.

    Love the illustration. I have “worry” dolls in a box, too! 🙂

  5. These ones are pretty random, Isabel. You’d think I might be able to stack the plates and hang a few things up .. . perform table feng shui. The little ‘sardine’ women are actually a little collection of old dolls on a mattress that I bought in Argentina.

  6. I like these pictures of your thoughts. The people in the little picture look like they are trapped in a sardine in – lots of poems wave at me from your table top.
    Isabel x