Okay enough

I’ve started setting up Skybooks, where dynamic, literary, heartening writing will be solicited, selected, edited and turned into stunning ebooks. My confidence waxes and wanes — not in the work itself or in its writers, and not in my ability to recognise that work and present it in its finest light — but in my capacity to approach and interact with the mysterious entity called ‘business’. When I sidle up to business-savvy souls, who have something I need, I’m often so daunted by the coded (and ugly) language of that other reality, that I simply sidle away again. Seth Godin’s daily blog-bridge helps coax me across when I’d rather rather stay on the dreamy, creative side of the river. Today he offers no false reassurances — every outcome is necessarily mixed; nothing is ever entirely okay — but he underscores my conviction, too, that Skybooks is more than a good idea; it’s important and worth seeing through. In fact, it amounts to a kind of glad duty: finding and launching ‘work that matters’.

5 responses to “Okay enough”

  1. Thanks Kavery. I’m learning slowly not to be so solicitous of my knees. When I was a kid I loved the scars they collected.

  2. Knowing you, I’m sure you’ll make it a success. New ventures are always exciting,so don’t be afraid. I jump in to something or the other quite often and get my knees grazed badly. And do it again, in spite of the cautionary words from my husband. As we say in India, “what to do? I’m like that only…” Seriously. All the very best.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic project! I sympathise entirely with your sense of that tension between the business world (consumerism) and the more intuitive, creative side (conserving). I wish you nothing but happy (glad) success – and hope that it can be on your terms, or terms that sit well with you on the creative and dreamy side of the river.

  4. Pen, I love your notion of ‘glad duty’. There is so much go power in that phrase. I add my faith (an un-businesslike concept) to your’s and other’s, that many good books will come to be. (The sky has infinite space!)