This is Polly, got up in the top half of my gi. I wrote something for the recent pecha kucha evening (12 speakers, each with 20 images addressed for 20 seconds each) about the interface of writing and karate. I said that each might be seen as a way of containing and giving shape to the energy of Mars, in which we all partake, although its expression in each is unique.

It is the need to act on the world, to validate and make manifest who we are. Thwarted, this urge will find its release by fearful, angry, or devious means, sometimes in outright aggression. One of life’s tasks is to become skilful in the expression of our own Martian (or masculine) energy. Until then, we are likely to blame others for our own unwieldy impulses, to practise passive aggression, to be haphazard in our efforts, and fall short of our own hopes.

Gosh, is this turning into a sermon, or what? Almost done. I find karate a good way to observe, contain, generate and give shape — physically and mentally — to the Mars energy. Writing does much the same but on subtler levels. Both are means of acting with increasing accuracy, first on oneself, then upon the world.

Polly hasn’t got a clue what I’m talking about. Good dog.

2 responses to “Osu”

  1. Ah, yes, Pen — you are pointing to one of life’s ongoing lessons; how do we direct that vital Martian energy constructively. I guess ideally one would reach the point of being able to enter the Dojo with all the vigour and precision of a disciplined mind and body, and there express one’s intentions with assertiveness and clarity, without being in any way aggressive?

    Good dog, Polly!

  2. Hi Pen, I loved what you had to say along with the piccies at the pk night. (We left after your presentation). Yours (imho) shone above the others we saw / heard. I may not be able to get around to doing the review I’d hoped to do – esp. as we left before the end … but thought you were stupendous!