Out there: finding an angle

Photo by Claire Beynon

Shot from behind: I found this dress by cacherel in Ushuaia of all places. Elena talked me into it. With the pashmina from Yaks’n’Yetis, I was all set for Sophie and Ryan’s wedding.

For those of us writers slow to take a square look at the need for DIY book promotion — which can feel squeamishly like self-promotion — I reckon we might just have to get over ourselves and learn to play with the new tools. As will publishers. Mixing it up. Blurring the boundaries. Being generous. Author and social media adept Gretchen Rubin outlines tips for authors on the helpful US digitalbookworld site.

No doubt we’ll stumble along the way, get it wrong and embarrass ourselves or offend others now and then. But that’s not usually fatal.

5 responses to “Out there: finding an angle”

  1. Thanks for calling by, Jenny. I enjoyed the photos of your gorgeous Daisy. Happy mothering.

  2. This is a lovely site. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on your latest book – perhaps I’ll ask for it for Mothers day!

  3. Thanks, Christine. She’s got a great eye. And yes, Elena, I’ll go shopping with you anytime in Tierra del Fuego.

  4. This is a gorgeous image, Penelope, and well done, Claire. Good back views are so often missed!