Driving back to Dunedin on Sunday afternoon with music playing in one ear (the pup chewed the other ear’s phone, and the car’s radio speakers stopped working years ago) and my thoughts who-knows-where, I noticed a car running up behind me, with a red and a yellow light flashing on its front. I looked for police markings or a top-light but there was neither. Who was this prankster trying to intimidate me?

I held my course as I realised what a clever ploy it was, to trick a woman on her own into pulling over on a wide and lonely stretch of road … a toy pistol, a threat, and she’d probably hand over her wallet in a flash. I looked at the oncoming traffic. Would any of it stop if I pulled over and jumped out, waving my arms?

Green plain clothes car with lights flashing and driver gesturing to pull over

At the same time as I finally heard the wee-woo, I saw the driver pointing at the verge. I pulled over and he did too.

For a moment I considered telling the handsome young police officer that I was on my way home from a funeral (true) — but I was feeling far from glum after a rich and happy time with whanau. I suppose I was mildly relieved to see him, too, even if he was telling me off for ignoring him and his siren for so long as I sailed along at 113 kph.

I told him off for creeping me out in his bright green, unmarked car.

I accepted the fine and 20 demerit points without a murmur.

My first-ever speeding ticket.

2 responses to “Pursued”

  1. I said that some of us have no idea that such unlikely-looking police cars are out there, and that I was of a mind to put my foot flat(ter) and flee.
    But yes, I dare say I’d have to work quite hard to accrue enough points to get hauled off the road. 🙂

  2. Did you explain that you were unsure about his motives? Recently a friend of mine (a fellow Kiwi now that I think about it!) was pulled over by a Safety Inspector who had chased her out of the compound in a very dangerous manner … allegedly for speeding.

    Presumably you have many more demerit points available?

    Isabel x