There are so many deep and serious questions to ponder at present, in particular, which is also to say, in general, how to make the best response to each moment of life in this ravaged, beautiful world. However, I find that my drawing pen refuses sobriety. When it revels in absurdity, what can I do but abdicate responsibility and follow its lead?

It made me wonder how and why we’ve chosen particular physical traits to celebrate, covet, lust after, and even augment, and others to hide, banish, or reduce.

Why don’t we, for example, fixate on toes, and develop unguents for turning short stubbies into willowy beauties?

Why do we make a fetish of straight teeth, when elsewhere on the body curves and curls are far more interesting? With a little application we could turn them around, I’m sure.

And haven’t you ever felt bored by neat pink ears? Probably it would take only a sprinkling of this or that to cultivate a pair of lovely cauliflowers.

8 responses to “Ridiculous”

  1. Thank you, dear poets, Kay and Melissa. (Have you two met?) I hope we can always make one another laugh. It’s such a breaker up of fugs. xoxo

  2. Imagination, we hope, will always win out over regimentation. Alas, we hope but it’s a rare soul who can take such pure pleasure in the absurd, laughing at us with a loving pen. xo