Slipping out of 2010

Most people I know have had a turbulent year. And then Christmas was suddenly upon us. Plenty have decided to flag it altogether: no cards, no gifts, no relatives, no fuss. I let it slide to a certain point and then suddenly I want: carols and oratorios, the scent of pine needles, tinselly evenings full of quiet expectation; my family. Some of that’s pure sentiment, or the longing for what won’t come again, but something vital endures in this festival that celebrates a new baby on the earth.

Whatever we make of the rest of Jesus’ life and death and after-death, with his birth a seed was planted in the soil of humanity, a seed of great pedigree, in whose growth was invested great hope.

And that’s the archetype that makes Christmas worth considering. Each new life calls forth a measure of that same royal hope and expectation — that the child will grow and thrive and live out the fullest expression of which it is capable — even if it takes 100 years.

Potent ideas and initiatives call for the same spirit of hope, and the same investment of time and attention, which might be called love.

I think that’s all I should say. I don’t want to make a sermon. Happy Christmas, friends. I long for your simple, essential, lovely hopes, plans, dreams (and where necessary, babies) to take root in the coming year.

4 responses to “Slipping out of 2010”

  1. I like this a lot pen. I remember you talking about ‘glad duty’ in one of your posts, an idea which still stimulates and challenges me. And here you talk about the spirit of hope / love for what is potent and new-born. Perhaps more than the product or outcome, this is the place our focus is called to. Even as a discipline, an act of trust, a surrender. Here’s to love and hope and faith, in 2011, for that which is becoming.

  2. Dear Penelope, a lovely message for Christmas, for those who believe and for those who hope to believe. All good wishes to you for this season and for 2011. Melissa