Aaah, there’s nothing like a lovely object. I’ve spent so much of this year tinkering with words and ideas on screen, in order to create a book that I’ll never hold in my hands* — and I accept that this is how it is for now. Anyway, it was delicious to go and buy 12 boxes the other day, to have book cover stickers made up, and to peel them gently onto the box lids — then to hold these vibrant things, to stack and stroke and admire them.

Sometimes (often) we who live at our laptops need to go and touch things: earth, fur, vegetables, water, skin, and maybe now and then a book.

You can find out more about the lovely objects at the Rosa Mira blog.

* print on demand’s a possibility next year

2 responses to “Tangible”

  1. Hi Eleanor, thanks for popping in. I like what you wrote although I’m not sure how long I’d want one of your snakes under my fingers! The cover design is gorgeous, by Christine Buess who designed all my covers at Longacre Press.

  2. They look very fascinating. I love the design, and the writing. So swirly!

    You’re right, it’s good to feel things, a faint breeze on a warm day, fur (if it’s not comvered in mud), and the rough touch of skin, whether it be with the feeling of warm blood running in a labrynth of veins beneath the surface, or the icy touch of a reptile. I get bored of feeling the keys of a laptop under my fingers!