The stuff of life

There were a lot of sticking plasters in the pool this morning. My new togs aren’t as comfy as the old ones but it was a good swim. I came home and read a woman’s story of how she tried as a child to kill herself. The cat curled up in the dog’s basket. I fretted a little about the challenges of the week ahead. I made coffee. The dog lay down at my feet. I thought of the discussion with Claire last night about how, whether and when we need to revisit the past, and when we might just let it be. Many old things are beautiful before they dissolve into another form.

I don’t know that that applies to other people’s sticking plasters, and harsh or horrific experiences. But I know that life is hastening us onward. There seems little time to look back. Everything is being changed.

2 responses to “The stuff of life”

  1. Thank you, Pam. It’s hard to keep it closed in our heads, isn’t it?. I mean we keep thinking we’re going SOMEWHERE out there and that makes us anxious. You can’t actually fall out of a circle that includes death.

  2. I went to a funeral on Saturday. It was in many ways a reminder of all that you say in your post Pen. The stuff of life is beautiful. And it is transient. Whether life is hastening forward, and the question of whether and how we look back – I had a conversation after the ceremony that refocused me into the circular embrace of life. Death completes the circle that was begun at birth. All is held within it. It is completed and perfect. I can catch my breath again when I think of it like this. pmx