7 a.m.

Daughter closing up her bags.

Five-year visa.


Life is painful

and wonderful.

5 responses to “7 a.m.”

  1. Two months later I found your comment and the article, Reuben. Haha, I’m still not sure if it’s all part of the same marketing campaign.

  2. Eleanor, hi, she’s off to Europe, eagerly, and yes, we can certainly hope for a meeting there ‘along the way’.

    Pam, you know about the pangs. Growth and adventure, to be sought and embraced, yes.

  3. oooh aaah, can relate to the fact of a daughter leaving, and to the heart business!! May there be much growth and adventure in the space that now separates and connects you. Px

  4. Five years will whizz past you in no time, and I’m sure you will reunite along the way! Imagine all the knowledge and experience that will be gained! I’m guessing a ’round-the-world trip?