Too many words

5 responses to “Too many words”

  1. Hi Marylinn. We of the funnel. I’ve learned the potency of the tweet via Rosa Mira, alas. Now it tugs perpetually at my sleeve. I’ll keep your plunger handy, thank you.

  2. Oh, the Great Word Funnel, the nearly fatal clog. Get the plunger, stop the clock. Take a nap, take two. I feel relief that tweets, at least, do not make it to my funnel. We are full up as is.

    How charming, how familiar.

  3. Pen Elope
    This is brilliant. And I suspect your personal story might be nigh-on- Every(wo)men’s right now. It is certainly mine. Sigh. What to do about it? Sprawl with a pillow over your head for a short while, as you have there/I have here before rallying all the bits together and allocating them new – and separate – pigeon holes/barking pays/parking bays where they can settle down a little and be brought out in an order and time of our choosing? (Take a breath!) I feel a big re-organization/discipline session coming on. . . the line between ‘whelm and overwhelm is veeerry thin right now. Strength, my friend – and love, Clarab xx

  4. Here’s some more words for your great word funnel: I like your picture. I like the slippers that don’t talk and polly who sort of does but without putting it down on paper. I like your pink sox too. I look forward to scuffing through the alphabet on my next visit to your house. casdj i seje aifj ei fea fwef waif waefj awisk fdskfal dkjf afdslk kde fejfa d skljdf dkj lkfkllf dk vodaoiv aodio