Watching 2012

The new year is underway. We have little idea what it will hold. We have hopes and qualms, loose plans and quiet intentions. We will all be watching what unfolds and will play our part accordingly.

Tonight I made tom kha pad thai yum.

I heard Aung San Suu Kyi answer questions from a class of American students. I admired her dignity, intelligence, and radiance of being. At last in Burma, democracy looks possible again: that precious blend (to quote The Lady) of freedom and security.

4 responses to “Watching 2012”

  1. Wonders of the lesser and greater varieties have already appeared here, which is cause for further hope. What enterprise would not flourish with Ratty’s able assistance? xo

  2. Yes, Ratty put in his usual unplanned appearance. I hope he’s going to make himself useful here and in the virtual bookshop. Let’s all hope for wonders in 2012. xx