Polly: when her whiskers were still white and all her teeth intact. She wears that, Did you notice me here — wanting a walk? look.

I thought I’d run a little survey to see if anyone notices Polly and me here. Is my blog visited by anyone besides my mother and a handful of benevolent spirits?

I don’t do ‘stats’ so I can’t tell who’s sneaked in or out, but I wonder if you’d be kind enough to leave something, even a simple exclamation mark, in the comment box, if you come by. And I’ll decide whether to go on wearing this hopeful face, or if I should sniff out something more productive to do.

Thank you!

21 responses to “Well?”

  1. Oh, please don’t be hard on yourself, ELif. I haven’t blogged much in the last few years, and have left it pretty much under the radar. Glad you’ve enjoyed looking around. XX

  2. Hi Penelope, I didn’t know of this blog’s existence; I was upset with myself at first but I’m bingeing now and loving it! So here’s a comment almost a decade after you asked 🙂

  3. Penelope,
    Haven’t been by for a while, but I do tend to be a binge reader of blogs; like going on a long walk through someone’s timeline. So although I haven’t left any footprints for you to see, I’ve stuck a note to say thanks for the writing, and I’ll see you again soon.

  4. I strayed here ..maybe on my halting journey to Ithaca.. and enjoyed my little lingering..
    I probably would not have left any trace except you left the invitation. So worry not whether shifty spirits are wafting in and out without trace. You have been noticed.

  5. Hey, great to hear from you, Eion — and to check out your portfolio. (You look as fit as a flea in those portraits.) Instant nostalgia! Can Serrat, definitely a heart-place of mine. You still dancing between journalism and art? Watch this space and you’ll see soon what Dorothee and I are cooking up.

  6. Hey Pen,
    I still try and drop by when I can. Need as much antipodean wisdom as I can get these days. Keep up the work – it’s not as difficult as a smoker trying to keep pace with you on a mountain! Love. E

  7. One can, Pam, as long as one takes heart for one’s own lovely Cadences. And Marilynn, thank you for calling by. We are not at all (our own best judges).:)

  8. Penelope, Your comment at Dishwasher’s Tears led me here and I urge you to maintain your hopeful face. Productive is not always identifiable in the moment, nor are we necessarily our own best judges.

  9. !!! xxx Can one who has so gone quiet beg another to stay. But I do I do. I would be sad if your blogndog disappeared from this place. I enjoy your platter always, and leave refreshed and stimulated.

  10. Seven! That’s a party. Thanks, Claire for the elegant hieroglyphics; thanks, Catherine, Christine, Jackie, Kay and Rebecca for coming by and saying so. Well, mild narcissism works a treat — doesn’t it, Polly?

  11. I followed a link, which led me to another link, which led me to you – and you have been in my google reader for a while (it may have been Claire, or it may have been Kay, who led me to you)

  12. May this small sign be…

    an eye, an aye, an I and an ai.

    May it also be

    a fish, a fish’s mouth, a cross-section of a vertebra or zebra’s tail, a pair of ears leaning against the dark, two hands cupping a dynamic space. An entry to a quiet room.

    I’m one of your regulars, a ‘benevolent spirit’, I know… but, please, do stay.

    L, C x