When the ‘pasta’ is flat

Pen en casa y 2 de noviembre 09 003

At Elena’s flat in Buenos Aires, we were taking an inordinately long time to clean our teeth, and we had three tubes of toothpaste — but all at the identical stage of oversqueeze. (Thanks for the charming photo, Elena.)

Is it worth cutting off the lids and scraping the aluminium lining? When is it time to buy a new tube? Should I stick with the tried and true or risk a new brand? Why not go without for a while (salt and water served the ancesters, and frayed sticks)? How about having them removed (the teeth)? Or making a whole new hybrid product: is the world ready yet for cybertoothpasta?


2 responses to “When the ‘pasta’ is flat”

  1. Wow, Kay, how’s the novel been going? It’s an exciting idea. Maybe I should have jumped on board and tried to finish mine this month. It’s heartening to hear that you feel ‘warm’ about my idea … I do, too, nine days out of ten. More when it’s ready. L,P

  2. Hi Pen it’s great to catch up! I have been out of the blogosphere for a few weeks now – I’ve been tweeting instead and trying to do the novelinamonth thing – anyway … I am interested in the prev post to this one about your ‘idea’ re publ. etc. Sounds exciting – I feel very warm towards it … I’ll certainly be ‘watching this space’ for progress reports. 🙂