Who’d have thought Mars…


…could prove beautiful. Okay, perhaps I haven’t picked the most elegant image but prepare to be awed by the others at this BBC site — with thanks to Grace at Rata Weekly for pointing me in that direction.

Via vast new telescopes and exploratory eyes-in-the sky, we’re seeing planets, stars and galaxies in scope and detail unimaginable mere decades ago. If the inner world is ‘intensified sky’ as Rilke has it, what does this expansive new vision say about our capacity as humans? It might say that willing or not, ready or not, we are opening, being opened, to new possibilities — which are ours to embrace or to refuse.


2 responses to “Who’d have thought Mars…”

  1. The photos are amazing (though the link takes you to “Boston Globe” newspaper). Inner world as “intensified sky…” have to think about that one.
    Raymond (and Penelope) – did you see that they think they’ve found wisps of “dark matter” down a mine in the US? (Sunday Star Times). Serious!
    Enjoying your thoughts Penelope – cheers.

  2. I was just thinking about this inner/outer as I walked home from the pool. To reach the great unknown (95% of the universe is unknown ‘dark matter’) maybe I have to tell the story of the smallest part Madeliene l’Engle did a similar thing in The Wind in the Door, where children must visit a single cell to save a galaxy.