Yes, today you may lick my plate

Polly’s 14 today. That makes her a Gemini: a nosy parker passing comment on every passerby; curious, optimistic, in perpetual motion.

To her three pups was a capable, diligent mother, but melancholy. The hour the last one left home, she sprang back into her favoured role as my convivial, companionable dogsbody.

Today she frolicked up the Pineapple track with the north-easter turning her ears inside out.

8 responses to “Yes, today you may lick my plate”

  1. Give her tummy a rub from me. Happy birthday Polly, ya wee scruff. Nice drawings, as always.

  2. Aw, how sweet of you to ask, C. As you can see, my repertoire is basic+ but I am happy to investigate possibilities . . . xx